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Machine learning, data science, and labeling teams around the world use our platform
to build higher quality datasets, work better together, and be happy doing it.

Superb Labeling

The simplest way to label and manage data at scale
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Annotate images and videos super fast, right within your browser, and collaborate seamlessly.

Annotate images and videos super fast, right within your browser, and collaborate seamlessly.

Easily manage datasets, workforces, and projects in a single place, and review and validate your labels.

Henry Acevedo

Founder & CTO

“The auto labeling tools are so easy to get started with. Using automated data labeling… we reduced our labeling costs by 75% (segmenting images in 0.9 seconds compared to 2 minutes by hand) and significantly improved AI object detection and recognition across a bunch of categories."

Superb DataOps

Always use the right data, not just more data

Introducing an AI-based solution that roots out label errors and curates amazing datasets for you. Stop worrying about how to improve dataset quality, and instead spend more time on the work you do best.


Automated curation


Mislabel detection


Edge case detection


Semantic search


Embedding store


Advanced query

Supporting you at every step,
from development to production AI

You don’t have to build your computer vision datasets alone. Get real support from machine learning and project management pros just like you, and get the most from your tools with resources that will help you master the data management lifecycle.

We can help build the labeling workflow of your dreams, manage
everything end-to-end with dedicated teams, or just do the messy
data work so you don’t have to.

Access a full and ever-growing library of on-demand training
videos to master the platform and build and deploy your computer
vision applications faster.

“We have found using the Superb AI platform has dramatically increased our labeling efficiency, as well as open up new workflows to manage images, labelers, and reviewers to get to high-quality labeled image data quickly."
Superb AI computer vision AI platform client
Blaine Bateman

Chief Data Scientist

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