Superb AI: A Look Back at 2020

Hyun Kim

Hyun Kim

Co-Founder & CEO | 2020/12/22 | 2 min read

Looking back at 2020, it’s very humbling to see how far we as a team have come. When we founded Superb AI in late 2018, we couldn’t have foreseen what it would take to build an ML data platform for many of the most innovative AI companies across the globe. And as we, as a company and platform, continue to evolve through the many conversations and communities we are constantly a part of, we’re confident that we can bring to the market the most complete ML data management platform in the world.

At the very beginning, we saw Superb AI as a way to solve our single biggest pain point – too many resources and too much time was being spent on data related tasks. In fact, we were so consumed with solving the data prep and curation problem, that we realized it was becoming our core strength. Along with a large influx of organic adoption from ML teams that shared the same pain points, we knew that we had to find a way to scale. By Fall 2019, we were super excited to be accepted to Y Combinator’s Winter 2019 (W19) batch! That’s when our mission of democratizing AI development started to become real.. While we started Superb AI as both a learning experiment and a means of quickly solving an operational problem, YC helped us own that mission and grow it into something bigger.

With 2020, we saw everything fastly colliding towards where they were meant to go. Large numbers of ML Teams were graduating out of research labs and into enterprise production environments. Because of this, these companies started to require sophisticated software stacks primed for rapid model development and deployment. But as the landscape of ML Ops started to see the beginnings of maturity, we wanted to help replicate the same kind of evolution for ML data operations and management.

Among the hundreds of conversations we have had in the past few months, we have steadily noticed the emergence and need of data engineers, especially since the importance around proper data operations within an ML organization continued to increase. This has only validated the efforts we were putting forth internally to deliver a product that could help facilitate the awareness and education around building better AI, starting with proper data management principles.

We as a team are taking this mission very seriously and have joined various alliances around the industry and plugged ourselves into AI focused communities that share the same mission. We are eager learners and being able to listen to all the great and innovative minds has helped us understand what we as a company have to become. This is a journey we obviously can’t do alone and as this still-nascent industry continues to evolve and mature, we at Superb AI are committed to helping push the industry forward.

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