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Public projects for individuals

  • Store Up to 3,000 Data Assets

  • 1 Admin or Manager Seats

  • Unlimited Public Projects

  • Auto-Label 10 Images/month

  • Support Image Data

  • Data Filter, Search and Analytics

  • Task Assignment, Issue Tracking

  • Command-line Interface

  • Access to Python SDK



Private collaboration for small teams and startups

  • 5 Admin or Manager Seats

  • Unlimited Labeler Seats

  • Unlimited Public & Private Projects

  • Up to 100K Auto-Label calls

  • All Free Plan features plus +

  • Access to full product Suite

  • Support Image and Video Data

  • Train custom models

  • Standard customer service and support



Organizations with large ML & data teams

  • Custom Admin or Manager Seats

  • Unlimited Labeler Seats

  • Unlimited Public & Private Projects

  • Custom Auto-Label Calls

  • All Team Plan features plus +

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Priority customer support services

  • Instant access to new products and features

Empowering companies big and small to build better AI with better data

Superb AI is proud to have Samsung as a computer vision service client!
Superb AI is proud to have Kakao as a computer vision platform client!
Superb AI is proud NC is among our computer vision platform client!
Superb AI is proud LG is among our computer vision platform client!
Superb AI is proud Hyundai is one of our computer vision platform client!
Superb AI is proud EVRAZ is one of our computer vision platform client!
Superb AI is proud to partner with levatas on computer vision services
Superb AI supports Rowbot computer vision project management
Superb AI supports Phantom AI computer vision project success
Superb AI is proud to partner with Overwatch Imaging on computer vision project success

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Image Editor

Video Editor

LIDAR Editor

Uncertainty Estimation

Label Review Mode

Issue Tracking

Consensus Labeling


Model-Assisted Labeling

Common Auto-Label

Custom Auto-Label

Model Inference


Project Dashboard

Role Based Access Control

Unlimited Projects

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Integration with Slack


Customer Support

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Answers to some of your questions

Yes, we provide a fully managed data labeling service for Team and Enterprise plan users. We have partnerships with a few verified labeling agencies that can guarantee highest quality labeling workforce. and we distribute your labeling tasks according to your specifications. Contact us to start a fully managed labeling project!

Use to open source your datasets for the ML community around the world. We believe datasets, like ML models, should be more actively open sourced in order to lower the entry barrier for teams looking to build AI/ML. The storage size for the Free plan should be plenty to host various datasets. Private projects are for hosting internal, private datasets that only invited users can access.

Many proprietary, patent-pending deep learning technologies are used in Auto-Labeling. For example, Bayesian Deep Learning and Uncertainty Estimation techniques are used to measure labeling confidence levels, and class-agnostic refinement techniques improve auto-labeling accuracy. We can auto-label bounding box and polygon segmentations for around a hundred common object classes. Read more about our tech on our blog, and stay tuned for more exciting updates!

If you are an Enterprise plan customer, we may be able to support custom annotation types for you, as long as it is something on our product roadmap. Please contact us for any inquiries on supporting custom annotation or data types.

We do have plans to support on-premise solutions on private clouds for Enterprise plan customers later this year. Contact us and let us know your needs, and we’ll reach out to you when everything is ready.

We support image data for all usage plans, and support video data for enterprise customers. If you are a Team Plan user and would like access to our Video support, please contact us for more information. Support for other data types, including text and Lidar is coming soon later this year.

Hear more about Superb AI computer vision tools from our happy clients

Steffen True

AI Developer at Bepro11

ML Data Management is one of the most critical components for those of us in machine learning development. Being able to use Superb AI Suite to manage, collaborate, and iterate across our teams has sped up our ML development cycle immensely.

Designed for Data-Centric teams

We’ve built a platform for everyone involved in the journey from training to production - from data scientists and engineers to ML engineers, product leaders, labelers, and everyone in between. Get started today for free and see just how much faster you can go from ideation to precision models.