Superb Label


Effortlessly organize and manage millions of visual assets and all your projects and teams in one place

Easy and powerful task management

Review Workflow

Turn projects into manageable tasks to better allocate resources, manage expertise, and prevent burnout

Speed up your review process with mechanisms for approving, rejecting, and revising labels with full-context feedback

Improve data correctness by counteracting the error or bias of annotators through consensus scoring and consolidation


Smart Assign

Easily plan projects from start to finish and calm workload chaos by automatically assigning responsibilities to team members. Control the number of labels to distribute, the assignment order, and the distribution method when assigning labelers and reviewers to tasks.


Issue Tracking

Eliminate labeler, reviewer, and approver silos and cut down on the number of cycles in your review process by adding comments and mentions to raw data or labels. Stakeholders are notified and can easily discuss changes, give approvals, and make decisions in real-time.


User Analysis

Get a big-picture view of productivity across your projects, or drill-down to focus on team or individual performance. Comprehensive and customizable reporting helps you hit your targets, improve resource allocation, and better manage payroll. Share reports with stakeholders to increase trust and accountability.

“Manual QA allowed us to...increase image data accuracy to 90% by decreasing the number of potential issues on one submitted label from upwards of ten to one or fewer. Rejected labels automatically inform annotators that they need to be revised...increasing work efficiency.”

Data Lab, Genaral Director

Seamless data management


Project Analysis

Track and monitor your projects and increase on-time delivery with one shared space for critical data-related metrics. Uncover insights and troubleshoot composition in real-time, including class representation and instance frequency. Instantly update stakeholders and eliminate status meetings with full visibility.


Custom Filters

Easily find, slice, and manipulate your data using any combination of custom filters, such as object class, consistency score, or issue. Add label tags to capture reminders or other vital information. Assign data into datasets within projects to create an easily maintained management structure.


Version Compare

Take the guesswork out of quality control and ensure you’re always using the most accurate annotations for any given data scenario by visually comparing the quality of labels across different versions, such as manually labeled and auto-labeled versions.


Role-Based Access Control

Implement clear separation of duties and keep your data secure with dedicated owner, admin, manager, reviewer, and labeler roles, including predefined permissions. Gain full control over who has access to shared tasks, datasets, and projects, and more easily configure and scale your team while reflecting internal processes.

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Unlock better results by managing all your data, projects, and teams in one easy-to-use workspace.