Superb Labeling

Annotation and data management that makes data work, less work

More than just a labeling solution - it’s a better way to work with data, together. From the easiest-to-use annotation tools to adaptable models for labeling and QA automation, you’ll feel the difference instantly and build better datasets faster.
A depiction of Superb AI's sigular data labeling platform for your data and machine learning teams

One hub for your data and ML teams

Start every project off right with sleek annotation tools, collaboration built into every aspect, and 360° visibility on effort and outcomes. With the right solution, every role is empowered to do what they do best, and teams stay aligned to deliver amazing data at every iteration.

Example of how Superb AI's computer vision tools improves customers data labeling efforts

Get started in minutes, and work simpler

Set Up


Create your project


Upload data/use cloud storage


Write annotation instructions


Add annotators to projects


Optionally assign labels

Screenshot of Superb AI data labeling platform project setup

Start Labeling


Annotate data


Resolve issues within labels


Audit results


Create golden datasets


Create ground truth datasets

Screenshot of Superb AI Suite team setup allows you to collaborate with your team.

Use Automation


Train adaptable model


Review difficult annotations


Optionally retrain model


Apply custom model to dataset

Screenshot of Superb AI computer vision data training automation settings

Optimize Everything


Monitor team performance


Track labeling time


Mitigate data bias

An example of Superb AI data labeling project report interface.

Data Annotation

Label images and videos painlessly

Build the best datasets faster and achieve higher volume with annotation tools your labelers, domain experts, and reviewers will actually want to use. Sleek UI, dedicated project dashboards, and integrated communication, guidelines, and feedback mean everyone works better together.


Supported Annotation Types

Image Annotation

Image Annotation

LiDAR Annotation

Automate Labeling

Scale labeling with automated workflows

Get more accurate labels in less time with auto labeling and uncertainty estimation. Start in seconds with pre-built models for annotating common objects, or train a custom model with just a few clicks and small ground truth dataset.


How it works

Diagram of how Superb AI computer vision AI platform works.

Data & Project Management

Example of how Superb AI computer vision AI platform allows you to optimize data pipelines and labeling workforces.

Optimize data pipelines and workforces

Manage all your raw and labeled computer vision data, labeling workforces, and projects through a single interface packed with workflow enhancers like issue and performance tracking, structured review processes, and deep project and label analytics. Discover just how easy managing your data can be.

“ML Data Management is one of the most critical components for those of us in machine learning development. Being able to use Superb AI Suite to manage, collaborate, and iterate across our teams has sped up our ML development cycle immensely.”


Steffen True

AI Developer, Bepro11

Superb AI computer vision AI platform helps propell your machine learning development.

For any workflow, ML stack, or service need

Superb AI supports teams of all sizes at a global scale, with extensive developer support and human-in-the-loop services from start to finish. And plays well with the tools you already use, so you can do all your data work in one place.
Developer Tools

Perform bulk operations and access everything you need to work seamlessly through CLI and Python SDK. Get started faster with recipes for working with your data and workforce.

Managed Services

Get fast and dedicated support with labeling teams and full project management whenever and wherever needed, with all work done within the platform. Plus insights from ML experts.

Enterprise Ready

Protect your data with a SOC Type II certified platform that has security-baked into every layer. From cutting-edge encryption to read-only access to your data buckets, even the most sensitive use cases are safe.

Seamless Integration

Fully interoperable with your existing ML stack, including Kera, GC AutoML Vision, and more, and integrates seamlessly with Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Azure Blog Storage for automating data loading end-to-end.

Choose a better way to work with computer vision data