Integrated Managed Services

Get production-quality labels, without the headaches

Collaborate with our expert team to get the training data you need in less time.
Superb AI’s platform, automation, and human-in-the-loop validation streamline your model development process.

There’s a better way to get your data labeled

Crowdsourcing, or outsourcing, often ends in heartache. Choosing the right team, deciphering byzantine contracts, and working with labelers of widely varying skills is hard enough. Juggling time zones and dealing with patchy communication makes it even harder - reducing data quality and delaying project completion.


How it works

Share your vision with us, and our experts will help craft and execute a fully customized data labeling project - without the pain of managing anything yourself. We’ll handle everything, from choosing the right team to the labeling itself.

Provide our team with:


Project Goals




Annotation type(s)



Superb AI's computer vision tools let you pick the data type for your data annotation project

Meet with your dedicated project manager to:


Create or provide gold-standard annotation guidelines


Establish preferred communications cadence


Delegate responsibilities between companies


Establish final deliverables and acceptance criteria

Depiction of Superb AI's computer vision platform setup process

Using a small data sample, we’ll:


Field test your project and annotation guidelines


Revise processes to improve efficiency


Identify valuable edge cases to mine


Suggest changes to your annotation pipeline

Diagram of Superb AI's data annotation pipeline

Our highly-skilled team will:


Annotate your data manually


Apply labeling automation to reduce time and cost


Review labels using a multi-level QA process


Create tight feedback loops internally and with you (based on your preference)

A diagram showing how computer vision services improve efficiency while saving time and money

Recieve labeled data directly through the Superb AI platform, API, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Azure Blob Storage


Scale your project with larger batches of data and structured task assignments designed to increase efficiency and quality.

A diagram on how Superb AI delivery data directly via our computer vision ai platform to your specific API or toolset

Get your models to production and your AI to market faster


Unmatched Quality

Augment your models with the highest quality training data. Our labelers are well-versed in your use case and always follow strict QA processes.


Scalability for All

Our expert team, paired with AI-powered automation, is well-equipped to help you grow at every stage, from startup to enterprise.


Lasting Relationships

We’re always here to help, from personalized support to deep ML insights and guidance on improving your projects, data, and pipelines.


A+ Security

From our people to our tech stack, security and trust are baked into all we do. Our global teams can handle any geographical requirements.


Superb AI supports general image and video annotation, classification, auto labeling, and QA, and can also provide data collection services upon request.

Our dedicated team specializes in bounding boxes, polylines, keypoints, polygons, and segmentation tasks. We have extensive experience in popular computer vision applications spanning retail, agriculture, transportation, sports, robotics, security, medical, and many more.

Rather than managing labelers yourself, a member of Superb AI’s customer success team will act as a single point of contact while overseeing dedicated labelers on your behalf. Each member of our managed services team was hired based on skill set, experience, and trustworthiness and must pass both a rigorous security clearance and an extensive training program on the Superb AI platform.

Unlike crowdsourcing and other services, we work directly with and oversee our teams throughout every step of your project, establish a consistent feedback loop internally and with you, and will proactively make any necessary workflow changes to ensure the highest quality. We ensure standards are met and output consistent by using data samples in the project’s early stages to establish gold standards for our team.

We carefully review your labels in batches using a multi-layered manual review process to find inconsistencies and patterns from the very beginning of your project to the end. Working with smaller batches allows us to deliver the highest quality labels consistently. We also use adaptable mislabel detection models to find and remedy potential misclassifications within your datasets. In addition, other AI-based tools like uncertainty estimation are utilized when using automated data labeling to further boost QA efficiency.

We support image data for all usage plans, and support video data for enterprise customers. If you are a Team Plan user and would like access to our Video support, please contact us for more information. Support for other data types, including text and Lidar is coming soon later this year.

Need annotation help?

We’ll manage your labeling projects from start to finish while delivering the highest quality labels.