Computer vision can solve the toughest business and societal challenges, provided you have enough quality data. Whatever your business does, you can use Superb AI to deliver higher quality datasets at a speed and scale previously impossible. Superb AI works for teams of all shapes and sizes - even ones with complex workflows, niche data, or strict security and compliance requirements.
Superb AI provides computer vision solutions for gaming and VR.

Gaming, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Make sophisticated augmented and virtual reality applications by processing and analyzing digital videos and images and create more life-like games that eliminate the boundary between the digital and real world. Computer vision enables critical features like optical tracking, scene reconstruction, and image overlays by using cameras and sensors to analyze a user’s environment, coupled with hardware like headsets and treadmills. Using a fully customized model, you can automate data labeling of edge-case rich datasets for everything from video games to surgical training simulators while uncovering hard labels for auditing.
Virtual Fitting
Sentiment Detection
3D Pose Estimation
Hand Gesture Detection
Dense Point Cloud Creation
Gaze Tracking
Trusted by development teams that know better data leads to better applications.
Superb AI is proud to provide computer vision tools to gaming and virtual reality companies.

Revolutionize the Way Video Games and Practical Applications Are Developed and Played With Computer Vision