Text Labeling

text labeling

Up to 10x faster and
3x fewer errors

Our AI-assisted labeling is significantly faster and more accurate than manual labor-based services. We've had it tested against major vendors in the market.

Machine learning friendly

All projects are managed by machine learning experts that understand exactly how your data should be labeled.

Instantly usable training data

Delivered with training data import and feeding code for deep learning frameworks so that you can get you started training right away.


Use Cases


How the process works

1. Decide your task specs

Tell us about your training data needs and timeline. We will get you set up with your account.

2. Build training data

Upload your data or request a data collection, and we start labeling right away. Tell us if you prefer an API or integration with your cloud storage.

decide spec build data monitoring feedback

3. Real-time monitor

Monitor our progress in real-time using your account dashboard. We also monitor each AI and human worker’s performance to ensure both speed and quality.

4. Feedback

If your data specs change or you think we have made an error, give us feedback on your dashboard and we will make the changes immediately.


What makes us different?


AI Assistance

AI built specifically to assist training data collection and labeling.


Superior Quality

Multiple inspections by both AI and human verifiers.

gets better

Constantly Improving

AI adapts to your task and improves over time.


Data Security

No security risks from using crowdsourced labor and public network.


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