Manage and manipulate your ML data without building custom tools.

A complete suite of online tools with easy-to-use UI and AI for machine learning engineers, researchers and data PMs.

Save time, money and frustration in building ML data and models. Focus on what's important and be more productive.

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See how you can easily manage your ML data now.

Manipulate your data.

When you don't have a storage system built for ML datasets,
you spend hours to partition and group them for your next training iteration.

Use our Suite to :

  • Filter and search through data
  • Manage data using custom tags
  • Use version control for reproducible experiments
Manipulate your data in seconds instead of hours.
Focus on developing the ML models.

Visualize and
understand your data.

You’ve wasted days training a model, but it still performs poorly.
You suspect incomplete or skewed dataset, but it’s hard to debug.

Our Suite can help you :

  • Visualize your raw data and annotaions
  • Get statistics and insights on your dataset
  • Run AI-assisted analysis on the composition of your dataset
Reduce the number of iterations it takes to develop
a well-performing AI and save days to weeks of work.

Integrate with
your ML dev cycle.

You want to bootstrap and upgrade an existing ML model.
But it’s hard to evaluate its performance and use it to label more data.

On our Suite you can :

  • Slice and export data to instantly start training
  • Import ML inference for model evaluation or auto-labeling
  • Easily convert to and from our standard JSON format to
    utilize any open sourced or custom ML models
No more one-off code and once-and-done experiments.
Accelerate your ML dev cycle.

Stop writing one-off code to
handle your ML data.

See how you can focus on building your ML models.

Designed for engineers & PMs


Create custom labeling projects.

It takes days for an engineer to create a custom data labeling tool, and open-source projects are often low-quality and not flexible enough.

Use our Suite to :

  • Create powerful data labeling project in 5 minutes without any engineer
  • Fully customizable specs using intuitive, easy-to-use UI
  • Save weeks of engineering time and thousands of dollars

Collaborate and manage teams.

Organizing hundreds of collaborators on an ML data project can be a mess. Building a reliable multi-user, multi-role collaboration system can be even more difficult.

With our Suite, you can :

  • Invite hundreds of labelers, either in-house or crowdsourced
  • Invite fellow data managers to guide and assign tasks to labelers
  • Invite fellow ML engineers to export data and put them to use
  • Use role-based access control for each user group

Track issues to guarantee quality.

E-mail is just not built for ML and data teams. Without smooth communication, you sacrifice data quality.

Our Suite can help you :

  • Inspect and raise issues on invalid data and specific labels
  • Assign, discuss and resolve them with your team
  • Track their revision progress and receive real-time notifications

Create and manage ML data projects in a fractions of the time.

Free yourself from disorganized e-mail threads and spreadsheets.