Superb AI Raises $9.3 Million Series A To Build The Most Advanced ML Data Platform

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2021/2/9 | 1 min read

We are excited and humbled to announce that the team at Superb AI has secured a Series A funding round of $9.3 Million, led by Atinum Ventures with participation from Premier Partners and Stonebridge Ventures. We also received follow-up investments from Duke Angel Network, KT investments and Murex Partners.

Superb AI’s Mission

In 2018, we began with a mission to lower the barriers to entry for developing AI, starting with the most critical aspect of the ML lifecycle : data management. And with companies like Uber processing terabytes of data on a daily basis for the purpose of optimizing and maintaining their perception systems, it goes without saying that deep neural networks require a consistent feed of large scale, high quality datasets.

However, through countless conversations with thousands of practitioners across many industries and countries, we realized how painful building and delivering high quality datasets can be. For most projects, labeling large datasets are prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, teams are facing a mission critical challenge: managing, auditing and delivering datasets while accounting for the constantly changing environments of the real world.

With the growing adoption of machine learning technology across industries with no signs of slowing down, Superb AI understands the underlying need for a smarter and more automated way to continuously deliver high quality training data.

Our core mission to lower the barriers to entry for developing production-grade AI starts with delivering the most complete and advanced ML data management platform in the industry.

Superb AI Today and Tomorrow

We, at Superb AI, continue to strive tirelessly to ship products and features that were both born from weaving our conversations with our passionate community with our decades of experience in building AI technology. And as we set out to expand upon our platform, we will continue to take a heavy AI-first approach. With 5 patents approved along with 4 patents pending, Superb AI pledges to become the most advanced platform in the world.

With this new funding round, we hope to accelerate our path to providing the better way in building and delivering training data for computer vision applications : through intelligence, automation and efficiency.

We are so grateful for the support and insight you have all shared with us on this journey. We will always be committed to listening, building and innovating for the sake of our tomorrow.

-Superb AI team

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