Superb Label

The most powerful data labeling
solution combining humans and AI

From data annotation to project tracking, manage it all with one flexible platform.
Adaptable models for labeling and quality assurance empower your human team to do more of what they do best.

Image / Video

Easily tackle any image and video annotation task with tools that set the standard for precision, ergonomics, and scalability. Configure in minutes, label and segment faster with in-app and adaptable automation, and add rich context to labels with customizable properties and tags.

point cloud demo video

Point Cloud

Precisely label and segment 3D scenes from LiDAR sensors with practical tools that make it easy to work with thousands of points. Track moving objects with interpolation, annotate object relationships, effortlessly scale your point cloud labeling with pre-trained auto-label, and more.

Build and perfect datasets 10x faster

Experience the most precise data labeling and quality assurance automation.


Automatically segment any object class or background with a single click - no training required.



Label complex data at scale by training our state-of-the-art model, backed by Bayesian deep learning, few-shot learning, and more.



Automatically caption images or videos using Generative AI, including scene and object descriptions, keywords, and more.



Semi-automatically label moving objects that span multiple frames in video or point cloud data.


Mislabel Detection

Automatically detect labels with a high probability of error or misclassification, significantly improving review efficiency.


Uncertainty Estimation

Reveals scenes or object classes that are challenging for AI, uncovering the data that will most help with model training.

All you need, organized in one place

Get 360° visibility on all your labeling projects and easily manage millions of visual assets.

Task management

Task Management

More effectively delegate, execute, and monitor tasks across teams to accelerate projects, enhance outputs, and reduce costs.

• Smart Assign

• Issue Tracking

• Review Workflow

• User Analysis

data management demo image

Data Management

Get a deeper understanding of the nature of your data, its distribution, patterns, and more while keeping it safe and secure.

• Project Analysis

• Custom Filters

• Version Compare

• Role-based Access Control

Streamline every process

Get up and running faster and increase the efficiency of all your data labeling projects.

Powerful Annotation Tool

Precisely annotate complex polygons point-by-point or with a brush that’s adjustable down to the pixel.

Easily avoid overlapping shapes with snapping, merge polygons at will, and easily subtract one polygon from another.

Native support for a wide range of annotation types makes it easy to adapt to changing model and project needs.

Annotation edits are automatically tracked, making fixing mistakes or choosing the perfect version for model training a breeze.

pen brush image
data version history

Version History

Create snapshots of your labeled data to keep your team on track and working on the right version of data at all times.

custom shortcuts demo image

Custom Shortcuts

Tailor Superb Label to fit your team’s workflow, process, and data with shortcuts that reduce manual work, saving valuable time.

label filter and search demo image

Filter and Search

Uncover difficult labeling tasks, unresolved issues, and more, so your team can focus their efforts and prioritize accordingly.

merge and split tracking

Merge and Split Tracking

Improve tracking accuracy by quickly merging objects that appear in multiple frames or splitting them into separate objects.

Annotation Types

Image Annotation

Box annotation type icon

Bounding Box

rotated box icon

Rotated Box

polyline icon


polygon icon

Polygon Segmentation

keypoint icon


2d cuboid icon

2D Cuboid

categorization icon


caption icon


Video Annotation

Box annotation type icon

Bounding Box

polyline icon


polygon icon

Polygon Segmentation

keypoint icon


categorization icon


caption icon


Point Cloud Annotation

cuboid icon


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